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everything out of noting, a brief history of thoughts...

Oğuz Savan is an İllustrator, designer and artist who works and lives between Münster, Berlin and İsanbul creates interwined forms and concepts in face of finding new perspective on reality. to do it he mixes the mediums and forms  from photograph pieces to formed sculptures, from ready made objects to animated drawings of him. he aim to fine interdimentions between the mediums to comprehend the substances in where we find ourselves, what the universe made of. As content and focus of his works associate with the  purposfullnes or so called teleological perspective of humankind. what makes the humanity being omnipotent to solve the nature and regenerate the reality with understandable structures out of nothing but at the same time ironically as a trap to fall in or drives people to stuck in a fictional realities, better to say a feeling, as if everything should happen and mean something or in sense of moral order. His works are aimed to show that some could be opposite of themselves when they were looking like easily approachable. his approach is to show: deciding what the thing are, could be irrelevant. judging what the things are, can be so slippery if we don't try to give a time to understand and accept them as they. in order to experience it he is occupied with different materials and methods by the working and thinking process by using the character of the materials he is trying out to find out connections where they come from and what is the relationships they have each other by building the bridges between them in his collages, sculptures, assemblages and animated video works works.

R e s u m e

1996          born

2014-          İstanbul Mimar Sinan university -  cinematography 

2016 -        İstanbul Mimar Sinan Fine Arts  Academy -sculpture (still)

                3rd Kilyos Sand Art Festival / Municipality of Sarıyer 


2017          Batı Anadolu Grubu (West Anatolia Group) Painting - Sculpture Competition
                  award of purchase and exhibition (Izmir)

                 Ipek-Ahmet Merey Painting and Sculpture Competition / exhibition

                 International Poster Design Competition “The Light City - La Ciudad
                 Ligera” / MadridGrafica17 - exhibition along with 500 chosen designs at
                 Central Diseño/Matadero, Madrid

                 SelfExpression Photography Competition - publishing in the web site /
                 Saatchi Gallery

                4th Kilyos Sand Art Festival / Municipality of Sarıyer - İstanbul
                Turkey Jokey Club Mimar Sinan Race

                 Goblet Design Competition / exhibition


                  PATPAT Mimar Sinan University Year-End Student Exhibition
                  Department of Sculpture (group exhibition)

2018           Annual membership award in Biafarin Honor Awards in the 12th
                   International Arte Laguna Prize- 17.18


                  Two works selected for a private collection in 8th Bazaart Art

                  Honorable mension in Istanbul Ulus Lions Club Competition amongst 
                  Mimar Sinan University Sculpture department students.


2018-19      Kunstakademie Münster studied public art and installation ( Löbbert class )

2020          Kunstakademie Münster - in the film class as a guest student ( Andreas Köpenick class) 

İstanbul, 2017
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